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Tumbling to Tumblr

25 Mar

In deciding what to do with my blog, which I’ve been quite delinquent about updating, I’ve decided that Tumblr is going to be a better platform for me to share my eclectic thoughts. As opposed to lengthy blog posts, for which WordPress is fantastic, I think that Tumblr will better suit my goal of sharing brief tidbits of what I’m reading and thinking about. As a microblogging platform that can be easily updated via text and email, Tumblr is easier to customize. It has awesome user-friendliness for sharing audio and video files, which will be instrumental for how I envision the future of my blog. It’s going to be a hybrid of personal musings, a record of things I simply want to keep track of, and hopefully will morph into something fun and informational that people will like.

So please tumble with me and check out I hope you like it.

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